Agriculture & Gardening - Cultivator

Discover the Hutchinson adapted solution for
your Small Engine Cultivator with the Flexonic® belt benefits.


  • Description of the application:Small Engine Cultivator (≤ 5 kW)
  • Former type of transmission: Gear Drive
  • Type of users: Private / Professional Lawn Care Companies
  • Complaints: Noise level / Maintenance

Problems & Consequences

  • Noise: High motor rotation at 3 000 rpm generates noise.
  • Costs: Chains need regular grease and belt drive should be often replaced, which harms quality image and increases maintenance costs.
  • Drive dimensions: Gear mounting precision does not allow large geometric variations in the design and strict alignments require a lot of space for the transmission chain, and costly supports (mounting plate, crankcase).

Solution & Benefits


  • Silence: Flexonic® belt’s grooved profile and polyamide cable allow a noise reduction level (< 96 dBA) and an ease of use.
  • Saving: The mounting on fixed center distance is simple. Thanks to constant tension, maintenance costs are low.
  • Compact drive: Smaller diameter pulleys and easiest location of pulley shafts (fixed center adjustment at normal setting) allow more compact crankcase and serpentine belt drive path with rotation reversal on three axles.